Fibre and Care Instructions

Our Scarves:

All scarves are printed with an image that will produce great colours and patterns.

All  scarves are 'Limited Edition Prints'. The Tide and The Moon Collective is not a mass produced product, therefore aiming to reduce our use on the environment, and providing a unique art piece for you to wear on any occasion.

    The Fibres

    We have carefully chosen a beautiful blend of 10% cashmere and 90% Modal for our luxurious scarves.  


      Cashmere is a super soft, breathable, material that adds to the softness & warmth of the scarf.  


        Modal is regenerated cellulosic fibre, made from sustainably harvested beech trees.   Modal is known as one of the 'softest fibres in the world'. This luxurious fibre is quite wear resistant and strong, yet still maintains a super soft / silky feel.  Its absorbs dyes very well making the colours on the fabric vibrant and pop - helping to create that beautiful piece of art.

          Care Instructions: 

          • Freshen your scarf by air drying it on a clothesline out of direct sunlight.

          • Line airing in the shade will also help to remove any crinkles.

          • The soft fabric is durable and excellent quality, but due to the woven nature of the product, it can be prone to pulls, so try to keep it away from sharp objects.

          • We do recommend dry cleaning your scarf if it needs cleaning.  

          • We recommend a hand steamer only, if you do need to iron it.  Leave the steam iron a little away from the scarf, do not actually touch the scarf with the steamer.  The scarf is thin, so any creases that do appear come out very easily with this method.  

          • If you do decide to wash your scarf and do not wish to use the above methods, you can opt for a quick cold hand wash.  To prevent dye run,  we recommend using a mild eco friendly bleach free detergent, and only wash the scarf for a very short time - do not soak the scarf.  Squeeze out extra water but lying the scarf on a towel and rolling it quickly to remove excess water, then hang or lay flat in the shade.  
            Spot test if you are unsure.