I just love the feel, colours, size and that it is art by a WA artist. I know I will wear your beautiful creation proudly and with joy.
The Right Wave / Yazmina in Perth
Absolutely Stunning! Wonderful gifts for my special friends!
Oasis Scarf / Jasmine in Queensland
I absolutely loved my first scarf so much that I have gone on and since bought another three! The fabric is divine and so soft and the designs are stunning! Everywhere I go people compliment me on how beautiful it is! Can't wait for the next collection!
Footprints Scarf / Jen in Perth, Western Australia
I am so obsessed with this scarf! It's so beautiful and so light to wear, but still keeps me warm, absolutely love it xxx
Sunset Love Scarf / Zarah in Western Australia
I absolutely love The Tide and the Moon scarves. So stylish, great for travel and the colours are vibrant and rich. Can be folded to highlight one particular colour so they go with anything I'm wearing. I've bought 2 now and highly recommend them.
Just Dive In Scarf / Katrin in Western Australia
I love my The Tide And The Moon Scarves 💗 Exquisite fabric, beautiful colors, suitable for any occasion, and a piece of wearable art. What's not to love!
Sunset Scarf / Kelli in Dunsborough