Desert Wanderers and Sea Dreamers Lookbook

Wander the depths of spell bounding inland Australia all the way to the breathtaking beauty of its pristine ocean landscapes.  

Experience the energy of its majestic beauty,  powerful oceans and explore the magical treasures that appear on the sea shore.   

Earthy, soulful, pretty, unique and playful scarves made from a luxurious cashmere / modal blend.

Oasis, Purnululu National Park Western Australia Cashmere Blend Scarf, The Tide and The Moon Collective, Western Australia Designed, Australian Label, Scarf, Accessory, Fashion, Natural Fibre, Soft, Luxurious, Perfect for Travel, Work or Everyday Wear.

Oasis - Purnululu National Park *IN STOCK*


'Oasis' Location: Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungle Ranges), Australia About: Wandering through this magical oasis, literally in the middle of no-where is a truely unique experience.  To get here we passed 14 creek crossings and were literally thousands of km's from the nearest city.  The majestic tall palm trees rise above the huge cliffs that totally surround you, each step on the water... Read more

Sea Dreamer - Yallingup Beach *IN STOCK*


'Sea Dreamers' Location: Yallingup Beach, Western Australia About: A The Tide and The Moon Collection would not be complete without our most favourite beach in the world.  The lagoon, the colour of the water, the waves, its like your most perfect dream! Colours: Vibrant blues and turquoise, amongst interesting patterns of greens and silvers. Material: Luxe 10% cashmere & 90% modal Size: 200cm... Read more

The Right Wave - Walpole *IN STOCK*


'The Right Wave' Location: Walpole, Australia About: The powerful, majestic ocean!  The sound; the energy; the vibration - you can feel it to your core.  At 20ft hight, this wave is huge, its actually hard to imagine its sheer perfect size!  Raw and spectacular beauty! Colours: Lemon gold, with beautiful dark blues and a brilliant pop of sea green. Material: Luxe 10% cashmere & 90% modal Size: 200cm... Read more

The Wanderer - Echidna *IN STOCK*


'The Wanderer'  Location: Cape Range National Park, Exmouth, Western Australia About: The desert wanderer. Free to roam.  This gorgeous little Australian Icon was found in the Cape Range National Park in Exmouth. We love Echidnas! You could say this scarf is Australia's own version of the leopard print.  Dress it up with your favourite evening dress. Super sexy! Colours: Earthy browns, tans and creams,... Read more

Treasures Of The Sea *IN STOCK*


'Treasures Of The Sea' Location: Sea Shells, Five Finger Point, Western Australia About: Pretty gifts from the mystic sea!  Colours: Super soft corals, tans & light browns and creams. Material: Luxe 10% cashmere & 90% modal Size: 200cm x 140cm FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING WITHIN AUSTRALIA ON ALL ORDERS OVER $200 / FREE OVERSEAS STANDARD SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $200     Read more

Wanderlust - Bunker Bay Beach *IN STOCK*


'WANDERLUST' Location: Bunker Bay Beach, Western Australia, Australia About: Wanderlust : the wish to travel far away and to many different places.   The idea of being anywhere, anytime... travel to far off distances or simply go to your favourite beach in your own backyard.  Perfect summer beach days always! Colours: Turquoise and Blues with Soft Sands  Material: Luxe 10% cashmere & 90% modal Size:... Read more